Website Design

We provide a variety of web design services to meet all your business needs from Do It Yourself (DIY) solutions to professionally designed websites and e-commerce stores. All our custom designs are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We work closely with you to determine precisely what you are looking for and guide you in layout and user interface in order to provide you with the best results. We can build high-technology responsive websites, e-commerce sites with real time payments and management tools, online donations and other solutions for nonprofit organisations, integration with internal software systems,  blogs, social media solutions  and much more.

The Content Management Systems of choice that we use in all our new designs are  Drupal and WordPress for new website designs, OpenCart and Woocommerce for e-commerce. But we can work with other CMS such as Joomla, Presta Shop and Magento if that is your preference.

Why not give us a call on 07 40417510  and get started today! Or contact us through our contact form for a free quote.

Professional Website

Professional Website

Let us make the perfect website for you

  • Built and published on popular platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.
  • Effortlessly add, edit or delete content as you need it from an easy to use WYSIWYG editor. We’ll create your first ten pages including a blog with your content and you can take it from there.
  • Choose from thousands of professionally designed Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla themes from our range. Or have us create something to your specifications.
  • SEO friendly HTML and CSS, Google Analytics, social media share buttons and more.
  • Fully desktop and mobile responsive, JQuery photo galleries, menu's and applications available.
  • The base cost for the website is $480 this includes template/theme, customisations and coding. Does not include Domain Name or Web Hosting or purchasing 3rd party stock images

Professional eCommerce Store

Professional eCommerce Store

Sell more with a custom-made e-commerce website

  • Built with powerful open source shopping cart systems OpenCart or Woocommerce (WordPress extension).
  • Choose from thousands of high end OpenCart, Woocommerce e-commerce  themes from our range. Or have us create something to your specifications.
  • We’ll populate your first 10 products, pages and categories then you can easily add, edit or remove products yourself. We will have your store up and running in no time.
  • OpenCart and Woocommerce have hundreds of payment gateways and shipping methods integrations. Start accepting payment instantly with PayPal™ or get us to interface direct with your Australian Bank's financial gateway.
  • The base cost for the store is $720 this includes template/theme, customisations and coding. Does not include Domain Name or Web Hosting or 3rd party stock images.

Do It Yourself Support

As a new startup business web development can be expensive particularly when you have limited funds and resources. At Bluegroper Web Development we support our web hosting customers 100% if they want to tackle building the website themselves. From just $9.50/month for personal cPanel or $15.50 for business cPanel a month. With our cPanel there are a 100's of applications, website builders, photo galleries, forums, software or install your favourite Content Management with a click of the button, even create your own web disk for Windows, Linux, Android or Apple. Creating databases, email accounts add on domains it's easy and if you get stuck just call Des on 07 4041 7510 for FREE Support (available weekdays 9-5pm).


Search Engine Optimisation

RSS imageIf you have a website whether it be for your personal profile or small business then you would probably want to be listed on the first page of an internet search results. And that is not surprising as major studies show the majority of internet users searching Google, Bing and Yahoo only bother to look at the first few pages of search results. The studies also show that internet users also consider the search result pages to be good advice, meaning that the websites at the top of the results have a natural advantage. And there are a host of internet companies that offer SEO services all making claims that they can get your website to list on the first page of Google results. When the truth is that no one can make that promise as no one truly knows what Google have up their sleeve with their constant improvement process. In fact many legitimate business websites and blogs have been hit hard disappearing from search results altogether by Google's Panda & Penguin algorithm updates because the SEO companies they hired used spammy SEO techniques or SEO over-optimisation.

The top reasons for SEO penalties from Google and what you should avoid are poor quality backlinks, lack of fresh content, poor SEO, lack of social interaction, and more importantly over-optimisation by spending more time working for search engines than attracting visitors is not being productive. At Bluegroper Web Development we work to ensure your website has the best chances of achieving a higher ranking with Google and all the search engines.


Social Media and Open Graph

social media imageOpen Graph Protocol enables you to integrate your Web pages into the social graph. It is currently designed for Web pages representing profiles of real-world things — things like movies, sports teams, celebrities, and restaurants. Open Graph tags are placed on your website pages as meta tags and is a way to organise how your content is viewed through social media. When someone clicks a share button on your website or posts a link to your webpage in social media. Open Graph displays a title, summary and picture or video that represents your website page. Open Graph is used with facebook, google+, pinterest and many other social sites. When we build your website Open Graph tags and social media share buttons are included.

Twitter Cards enables you to integrate your web pages with Twitter. Like Open Graph meta tags are placed on your web page and when someone clicks on the twitter share button or posts a link to your web page the tweet will display a title, summary and picture or video with your tweet. Twitter cards are included when your website is built by us. The different Card types and how your web page is represented in twitter are:

  • Summary Card: Title, description, and thumbnail.
  • Summary Card with Large Image: Similar to the Summary Card, but with a prominently-featured image.
  • App Card: A Card with a direct download to a mobile app.
  • Player Card: A Card that can provide video/audio/media.


RSS feeds

RSS imageReally Simple Syndication (RSS) is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries and news headlines in a standardised format. Subscribers to your feed can then be kept up to date when you update your website content. It also can provide a convenient way for you to receive content "feeds" from a variety of sources, including the latest news headlines from news sources to your website. We can help with creating your feed from your existing website blog/news, automatically updating when new content is posted.

Oracle Development

RSS imageDo you need an experienced Oracle Developer? Need to integrate your website to your legacy finance and product inventory systems? Backend processing in Oracle, Systems Integration or BTB applications. Hi I am Des and I have over 25 years experience in Oracle PL/SQL.  I have worked on some very large distributed database systems in Telstra, I was a Team Leader with IBM on Oracle Applications in PL/SQL, Forms and Reports and have worked in the Transport and Logistics Industry with Oracle Systems and BTB projects. Do you know Oracle is one of the biggest contributors to the Open Source database MySQL and a lot of the advanced features are due to the contributions by Oracle in supporting MySQL, in fact the SQL in the database, stored procedures and triggers is almost identical.