Towards the paperless office, are we there yet?

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Footbridge over the river in Parramatta Park

The paperless office is a term that has been around for years which is used to describe the office of tomorrow. This essentially means that the office of the future would therefore not be dependent on paper for its day-to-day activities. In today’s world, paper continues to be an influential medium. 

Australia Proclaims Marine Reserves

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Holmes Reef - top of a bommie at Amazing

On midnight 16th November the network of Commonwealth Marine Reserves became law and began permanently protecting more than 2.3 million square kilometres of ocean environment. This is an important achievement for the long term conservation and sustainable use of Australia’s oceans. The Australian Government also announced  that  it  will be allocating around $100 million in fisheries adjustment assistance to support the creation of the network of marine reserves.

Australian Eastern Grey Nurse Shark

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Grey Nurse Shark at Fishrock Cave

I support the conservation and protection of the Grey Nurse Shark found on the East Coast of Australia. During the early 1960's and through to the late 1970's they were hunted relentlessly through ignorance. The mentality was that we must rid ourselves of this ocean menance that is threatening our beaches. It wasn't until Scuba Divers alerted the government to the fact the Grey Nurse Shark is completly harmless and in 1984 the Grey Nurse Shark became protected as an Endangered species.

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