When looking for Web Hosting consider easy site backups

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It only takes one wrong click to completely wipe your website off the Internet. When disaster strikes, you'll be left to start all over again if you didn't choose a web hosting service that offers site backups.

Unless you have someone in your team who is a tech wizard, it's recommended to choose a web hosting service that offers an easy solution to regularly backup your website and data.

A quality web hosting service should have your back should anything go wrong. Whether you accidently delete an important file and need to restore to an earlier version of your website, or require assistance from tech support about a bug, your web hosting service should be able to help with any problem you have.

We recommend that you back up your website files and databases on a regular basis, and keep the files in a secure place. When performing any upgrades to applications or even making simple changes to a site, there is a chance that something may go wrong. By backing up your files regularly, you protect yourself against any unfortunate incidents and are able to restore your files quickly should anything goes wrong. That's why we recommend our cPanel webhosting that back and restore is as easy as a click of a button and restore a whole site just as easily.

We do perform our own regular backups of customers’ files; however, we only keep these backups for a limited amount of time. The backups we take are for disaster recovery purposes (in case our systems fail) and, as such, individual account restorations are time consuming and costly. Remember when working on your site it is best to perform your own backup of files and databases that you are working on and have the tools to do it.

So when looking for webhosting consider the ease of performing full and partial site backups. A lot of web hosting packages may look cheap but often backups and restore tools cost extra. Bluegroper Web Hosting is value for money and offers everything you need to manage your website.




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