Vote for a simpler Aussie Domain Space

Vote for a simpler Aussie Domain Space
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You may have seen discussions recently regarding the proposal by auDA (the .au domain administrators) to simplify the Australian domain space by allowing businesses to register domain names directly in the second level, for example as instead of

The introduction of direct .au registrations would have a number of benefits for Australian businesses, including:

  • •   The option of a shorter domain name which is easier for customers to remember
  • •   Reducing the risk of misdirected traffic through customers misremembering addresses, for example typing instead of
  • •   Providing shorter addresses without sacrificing the visibility and trust associated with an .au domain

When second-level registrations have been opened up overseas, for example in .uk and .nz, it has been remarkably successful. This strongly suggests that it would be similarly popular in .au.

If you support giving businesses the option of registering domains directly under .au, please cast your vote in favour of the proposal (simply click YES for all questions) at:

Voting closes on Wednesday, September 30.



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