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Welcome to my video gallery where I have created some underwater videos of my diving adventures around the Pacific and beyond. It serves as a good demonstration how websites can interface through the youtube api and display playlists, favourites or video's by keywords.


I particularly like diving in the Coral Sea on the walls of Holmes, Osprey and Bougainville Reefs. I also have been to Flora Reef a small reef near Holmes Reef and very good for sighting silver tip reef sharks and for underwater caves. The dive sites in the video's vary from shark feeds at Osprey and Holmes Reefs in the Coral Sea, hammerhead sharks in Cosos Island, Costa Rica to a swimming with Minke Whales on the Ribbon Reefs. Every year in June and July Minke Whales can be seen on the Ribbon Reefs 3 to 10 mostly sighted around or near Bommies (a bommie is an underwater pinnacle).

I have a bit of time now so I will be putting some more videos up on a playlist on youtube where they will display here. I have more on Manta Rays and sharks as well as the cute like nemo, have just come back from diving in Komodo Indonesia so stay tuned.

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