Some price adjustments from 4th January 2016

young tec woman pressing high technology control panel

TPP Wholesale have informed us of a 3% price rise across all of their products and services, effective January 4, 2016. As a reseller Bluegroper Web Development will also have to review the prices we charge for our hosting products. Where possible we will absorb the increase but their will be a small 3% increase for our cPanel and Cloud Hosting, Email Hosting, VPS and generic domain names (gTLD) products. However we will absorb price increase for our new product releases My Website and My Store and also for most common domain names .au, .com, .net, .biz, info.

Over the past 12 months, TPP Wholesale have invested heavily on their platforms, support and products and as a partner we have seen real change and  improvements in support and our admin and customer control panels. Some of the improvements TPP Wholsale have made to the products and services this year include:

  • Increased staffing numbers across Customer Support and Account Management teams
  • Upgrading to industry-leading customer management software to streamline and improve our partners' experience
  • Continuing to invest in and improve The Console administration and automation platform
  • Broadening the scope of products available for you to resell to your customers

The new year will see this level of investment continue. There are plans well underway to add Office 365 to the growing list of products, which we expect to go live in the first half of the year. They will also be increasing the range of SSLs available, introducing a number of domain and trademark protection services, and continuing to add more and more new gTLDs, as they become available.



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