Posting to instagram from your desktop computer

Upload photos to Instagram from a desktop
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Have you ever wanted to upload your photo's to Instagram from your computer? Like most Instagrammer's I like taking pictures on an SLR camera and also have an underwater camera that I would love to upload from. It is a real pain having to upload first to a mobile device and then to instagram as my IPAD recently died and my phone memory is always full.

But there is a way to do it since Instagram launched a fully-functional web app that lets you upload photos from a phone browser, no special app needed but they left out desktop browsers. So all you need to do is change the browser user agent to a phone or mobile device to trick Instagram into showing you the mobile website and the upload and edit buttons to upload photo's. Fortunately there is a way using a Chrome Browser.

Open Chrome on your desktop, go to and sign in. Now right-click on page > Inspect  and the developer inspect elements window will appear. Now click the Toggle device toolbar icon (top- 2nd from left). The page should switch to mobile view, where you'll find a plus button at the bottom of the screen, which lets you upload photo's from your desktop.

I hope this helps other Instagrammer's upload their photo's from your laptop computer. Please add a comment below if you found this helpful.



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