Motivate Them to Take Action Using These 10 Landing Page Templates!

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It is obvious that every landing page serves one important purpose. It assures people of starting their buyer’s journey exactly and converting. In addition to this, you can engage your audience and delight them. It will not only present your services or goods. You can showcase something that relates to the chosen industry. People will receive a reward in the form of interesting content. As a result, they will be able to trust in your brand. We really want you to generate more leads using these web design templates crafted for many niches. You cannot miss them if you are interested in growing your base of clients. Without any other words, let us show them to you...


All-in-One Landing Page - Lintense Design by Zemez

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The whole idea about this professionally-looking template is to help you in building meaningful relationships with your audience. It has 10 ready-to-use websites designed for different widely-spread niches. As an example, you can promote your courses, e-book or agency. What are other tools that should drive your attention to this variant? This is a user-friendly Novi Builder that allows altering your design and adding content in a drag-and-drop way.


Car Garage Landing Page Template

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Are you interested in bringing your audience closer to your brand? Especially when it has something to do with motorcycles and cars? In this case, we think that you cannot miss this expressive variant. You can make people take your content seriously by managing its look using a drag-and-drop builder. There are also tons of Google Fonts, social integration, and color picker.


87 Landing HTML Template

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This marvelous ready-made solution is directed towards people who are looking for consultancy services. It is one of the most perfect variants to promote your advisory agency. Speak about your company, its main benefits, services, and team. However, these are not the only options that allow getting in touch with your clients and making them be interested. The package has some extra tools that will surprise you. Check out these 13 great landing page examples that allow making the decision here and now.

Kids Learning Center

Kids Learning Center Landing Page HTML5 Template

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An interactive and engaging Bootstrap landing page template that will catch the attention of parents who are looking for a learning center for their kids. There is nothing that will distract visitors and lead them away from the action. There are many options that make sure your online-project will draw as much attention as possible. These include a newsletter subscription, contact form, and others.


Event Agency Landing Page HTML Template

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Do you think that people are not ready to make a decision based on your existing online-project? Provide them with all the necessary details about your event agency using this template. What are these elements that will make people take your landing page seriously? You are free to take advantage of the gallery, newsletter subscription, Parallax effects, and contact form.


RatherApp Landing Page HTML Template

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Do you think that not enough people are familiar with your mobile application? In this case, you need something special to convince them of learning more. As an example, you can humanize your brand using this amazing template. It will have a positive impact on your audience. On the top, they will see a contact form that will certainly influence their choice.


Appriori - Mobile App Landing Page Template

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We want you to get familiar with one more up-to-date template. This simple and straightforward design does an amazing job of presenting your mobile application. There are many tools that allow you to become a leader. Take advantage of the video widget and audio player. What can be better than informing people about your application using such engaging instruments?

Green Day

Green Day Landing Page HTML Template

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Are you looking for a convincing variant that is able to present everything related to healthy food? There is a vibrant landing page HTML that should delight your potential customers. What are these special instruments that you find in the package? We cannot keep silent about multiple eCommerce options. They allow turning your landing page into an excellent online-store.

SEO Studio

Landing Page Template with Novi Builder

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A large number of online-project owners are looking for ways to improve their SEO. Does your company achieve the greatest results in this sphere? Grab this modern variant to boost your conversions. An easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder will quicken your work up. Modify your content without spending hours on this task. Do not forget about using a few gallery types and contact form. Do not forget to check these 8 tips for great landing pages and stand out from the crowd.


Startup Landing Page HTML Template - sUp

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No, we did not forget about people who decide to showcase their start-ups. We have found something to meet their requirements too. This fully-functional template is something that you should certainly pay your attention to. You will be free to change every single element and modify content to suit your vision. There are also several gallery types you can choose from.

These wonderful templates definitely include some surprises to offer you. You will find out more about them if you decide to open their fully-functional packages. Furthermore, a combination of the valuable information and their design is something that no one will be able to pass by. Now, you just need to choose the most appropriate variant. It is not the easiest task but you certainly need to try. We really hope that your ideal variant is hiding in this small selection. Thanks for reading!

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