Face Your Space, New Startup In Cairns

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Face Your Space is a startup company in Cairns specialising in de-cluttering and home organisation. Have you ever thought of the idea of living a simplified, uncluttered life with less stuff sounds attractive to many. Juanita can help you on a path to transform your home getting rid of the clutter you find hard to let go after years of collecting. With  step by step suggestions she can help you process through the feelings of letting go and also gently encourages you to free up energy that stagnates with cluttered space.

We welcome Juanita and Face Your Space as a new Web Design and Hosting customer. We have developed a Drupal 7 website for her compatible to upgrade to Drupal 8. It has a Responsive Bootstrap theme utilising the Flexi-Slider, Views and Media modules so that image and video assets can be easily arranged with views.

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