Eclipse of the moon as seen in Cairns

Moon eclipse as seen in Cairns
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Well I was out on the Esplanade last night in Cairns to see if I can capture images of the blood moon. It wasn't a great spot to witness the events of the lunar eclipse down near The Pier complex where there is quite a lot of light pollution from the Cairns CBD. not to mention the smoldering bushfire across the inlet has left a haze over the city these last few nights.

But with my best efforts I managed to capture these images just before and when the moon was in full eclipse. I am using a Nikon Coolpix  P100 so do not expect alot. But I thought it would be interesting to show how it was viewed in Cairns. Our view was quite small as you can see the moon backdrop against the city lights in my cover pic.

Partual Partual eclipse at 745pm as seen from Cairns, Bluegroper Web Development

7:54pm exposure 1/60secs
Full eclipse at 8:33pm as seen from Cairns, Bluegroper Web Development

8:33pm f5 exposure 1/3secs
Full eclipse 8:34pm as seen from Cairns, Bluegroper Web Development

8:34pm 1/6secs adjusted brightness

I think I did a good job considering the light pollution on The Esplanade, the smouldering reminants of a bushfire across the inlet, and the nearby Pier Bar where I had gathered with friends over a few drinks just before I captured these one time images which no doubt had some influence over my steady hands lol.  

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