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Do you have domains scattered around with different registrars? Are you sick of managing multiple accounts, but can't find the time to consolidate?

The good news is we can consolidate all of your domains into one account at Bluegroper Web Development (standard domain transfer rules apply). Let us do the heavy lifting for you, saving you the headache of managing multiple accounts and saving money too. Domain names cannot be transferred within the first 60 days of being registered, or within 60 days of being transferred from another registrar, there should be at least 7 days left before expiry to prevent them expiring during the transfer period. Upon completion of transfer, the domain is renewed for 1 year (or however many years you have selected to be renewed), the renewal period being added to whatever is left on the current domain registration period. 

We can also save you money on web hosting with our cPanel business hosting you can register 10 addon domains effectively running 11 websites. If you manage different accounts on different platforms with proprietry contact management systems (CMS) that have limited functionality and you never own your own website. Then we can help consolidate all these sites onto a single hosting platform running the best and most popular content management systems on the net today and that is Wordpress and Drupal. Both these CMS are open source systems with great developer communities with modules and extensions for just about any functionaity you can think of. If it is a fully featured online store with imventory management you seek then there is Opencart, Magento and others for fully operational online stores. 

Need something larger? How about a Virtual Private Server (VPS) our rates start from just $132/month or $1694/year, server management is also available if you do not have the resources or know how to manage a server at the root level. You may be thinking why would your business need a VPS if your not attracting millions of visitors like facebook. There are other business uses for a VPS other then hosting websites and one is to run business applications. A VPS can be set up to run applications that employees use, through a software delivery called SaaS. Software as a Service (SaaS) allows data or software to be accessed via the cloud from any device with an internet connection and browser. It means that your employees get the benefit of a great piece of software, without needing an IT team to deal with most of the responsibilities involved in regular maintenance and troubleshooting. It also means your employees on the road don’t need to wait to return to the office to complete their work.

If you have any questions, or are interested in account consolidation, call Des on (07) 4041 7510 or to discuss your individual needs.

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