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Advertising on the world wide web has rapidly been gaining growth in recent years. Continuing developments in the area of new media technology represent the most important influence on the advertising industry over the next 10 to 15 years. Advertising on the Web has a core advantage in the capacity of fast, integrated and interactive exchange of information to reach customers around the world at relatively low cost.  Web advertising has rapidly become a new popular communication medium in the market. Today there are thousands of Web sites created by companies to promote their products and services and to perform other marketing functions, such as corporate image building, after-sales supporting services and relationship building with customers.

Given this day and age there is a continuation of companies trying to reach out to prospective customers. It is imperative that the companies seek out new venues in how to reach them and obtain positive outcomes.

Social Networking

Today there are over 400 online social networking communities, each differing from the other in terms of profession, age range, culture and country. These communities could provide services for either business or personal networking. Most social network communities allow for richly-detailed personal profiles of the users.

The user initially connects with family and friends known to him then join online groups and communities where more people with similar interests and activities can be added to the user's network. The activities on a social network combine all the connectivity of e-mail, snail mail, instant messages, pictures, video, phone calls and even conversations at the local pub.

Two popular social media networks are Facebook  and Linkedin, both are valuable to advertisers. One falls under the personal networking category, while the other under professional networking.


Facebook is the leading social networking site based on monthly unique visitors, having 100 million active users in 2008 to Facebook now reporting 1.2 billion active users at the end of 2013. See table of active users below [source Wikipedia].


Active users on Facebook


The Facebook Platform was initially developed to provide a standards-based web service to access and contribute data to Facebook and was opened up to third party developers to add applications. The platform enables Facebook to bring information in, rather than “push” information out, users need not depend on a larger set of different sites for their information. The platform enables Facebook to become the homepage, and the data is fed into the user's profile and distributed over news feeds to friends and groups. 

The Facebook platform has led to the creation of over 7,000 applications and the Facebook Markup Language (FML) was developed in order to customise the look and feel of the site.  Also providing an API for developers to create applications that can promote businesses or add value to the Facebook Platform. 

One source of revenue for Facebook is advertising through Facebook Social Ads. It enables advertisers to target the user's friends or those who have recently interacted with the user. These ads target users based on their interests, as specified in their Face book profile.  For instance, advertisers can target only women above the age of 30 who have passed out from a certain school or university and are working in a particular industry. 

The companies can spread messages virally by linking ads to recommendations or to news feeds that members send each other. These ads are charged at either a cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand-impressions. Sponsored groups allow companies to advertise on their own profile pages on Facebook. Companies can interact with a large number of users using a simple message board or application tab promoting their businesses.


Facebook Canvas Pages

One of the best ways to engage potential customers is through facebook canvas pages, a canvas page is a frame in which to put your application (app) directly on facebook on desktops and laptops. Building a Canvas app on Facebook gives you the opportunity to integrate into the core facebook experience and take advantage of a large community. Your app can integrate with many aspects of, including the News Feed and Notifications.

An application of website canvas pages can be a snapshot of your website usually a number of pages of products, services, articles, picture galleries or blogs of your website and can be written in HTML 5 with jQuery.  Have a look at my application on facebook it is a snapshot of the information on this website embedded in a page tab on the facebook page Bluegroper Web Development  and view the canvas page on facebook at


web design facebook tab page
Page tab view
web design facebook canvas page
Canvas page view


Canvas applications on facebook are many and varied and are not just games but informative and practical to advertise business products and services. Facebook apps can be written in any language as it will appear in an iframe on facebook so what you do inside the frame is up to you. Programming in HML5 and utilising the jQuery javascript library you can write some very affective apps and display them on facebook in your business page tab. 




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