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Web template 42419
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Each month I will review a web template that has been well designed, is highly accessable with different media layouts, is attractive and stands out as good value and easy maintenance. This month I have selected a Joomla! template in the Fashion category Template 42419. It is very attractive and the author has gone to a lot of trouble with its presentation, selecting great royalty free stock images. These images can all be replaced with your own or kept and the template really doesn't need any modifications other then that.

It's regular price is $AUD72.00 which means the template can be downloaded a number of times around the world, this is cheap and great value as templates like this can take a long time to develop at considerable cost . The unique price of $AUD4329.00 is a bit on the expensive side but is great value if you can buy it before anyone else downloads it. The unique price means it is taken out of  circulation and no one else can download or purchase it. Currently there are no downloads as it has just come up today, so it could be snapped up anytime as it is quite an attractive and very practical template for the Fashion Industry. Purchasing at the regular price is still excellent value, and the chances of this template being downloaded more then once in your part of the world is fairly remote. You can always see the number of downloads each template has in the catalogue.

What strikes me the most about this template is that it is designed for 1400px wide screens and easily resizes down to 900px on a desktop computer and even the images will resize down keeping its aspect ratio the same. With this template you have 4 primary layout options - Desktop layout, Tablet layout and Smart Phone layout in both portrait and landscape views. It uses JQuery for the image gallery and slideshow.

Product Layout

Primary Option Layouts




Template Information


Template   Info :

Item number : 42419 

Author: Hinoriko

Downloads : 0

Sources Available:



Popularity: Zero Downloads;

Features: Admin Panel, Responsive;

Animation: HTML plus JS;

Functionality: blog;

Layout: 4 columns;

Width: 1400px;

Styles: Neutral;

Joomla! Engine: 2.5.7;

Joomla! Compatibility: 2.5.0 - 2.5.6, 2.5.7;


Joomla! 2.5.8;

Adobe Photoshop CS+;

Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ (or any php-editor);

For uncompressing a template ZIP package:

WinZip 9+ (Windows);

Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac);



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Hey admin, I have a little request. I was just googleing for some information on this topic you wrote and found this blog. Some really great stuff you shared here, can I please link to this post on my new website Im in this day and age working on? It would be great . I will check back again later to see how you responded.
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You can link to it no problem, cheers!

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Nice openion.

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