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Find The Way To Run an Effective Website Using Free or Premium Elementor Theme

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Find The Way To Run an Effective Website Using Free or Premium Elementor Theme

“There is no easy way from the Earth to the stars.” (Seneca) However, there is a truly easy way to build a full-fledged website. Taking a quality Elementor template as a basis will provide you all the needed options to launch a blog, corporate service or e-store. No effort. No extra money. No hidden dangers.

Motivate Them to Take Action Using These 10 Landing Page Templates!

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It is obvious that every landing page serves one important purpose. It assures people of starting their buyer’s journey exactly and converting. In addition to this, you can engage your audience and delight them. It will not only present your services or goods. You can showcase something that relates to the chosen industry. People will receive a reward in the form of interesting content. As a result, they will be able to trust in your brand.

10 Best Selling WordPress Themes

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10 best Wordpress Themes

The collection of best WordPress themes is eventually one of the biggest one among other CMS templates. Today, you should have no difficulty with choosing the one for your yet-to-come website. Yet, the truth is often quite the contrary. Just because of the huge number of website design templates, it becomes so hard to pick the only one.

Cloud Hosting products to end

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Due to TPP Wholesale no longer supporting new Cloud Hosting and Cloud Email Services onl cPanel hosting plans will be available by Bluegroper Web Development. And Microsoft 365 products will replace our plans for all new orders. We will be updating the website shortly to add our new Office 365 products if you are interested in learning more please contact Des using the contact form

From TPP Wholesale:

Google Plus is closing down

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Google Plus closing down

"In December 2018, Google announced their decision to shut down Google Plus for consumers in April 2019 due to low usage and challenges involved in maintaining a successful product that meets consumers' expectations". This is the email I awoke to this morning, guess it had to happen sooner or later as the competition between facebook, twitter and some other's became to great for Google Plus to become a viable alternative.

AusRegistry Transfer to Afilias

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Aussie Domains for business people

Afilias Australia Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Afilias plc, has been appointed to provide registry services for the .au domain from 1 July 2018 as part of auDA’s Registry Transformation Project.

On Saturday 30th June 2018 the .au registry will undergo maintenance as part of the transition from Ausregistry to Afilias as the new registry operator. This will affect all registrars worldwide with .au domains.

The maintenance period is scheduled for 8:00am AEST, Saturday 30 June 2018 until 8:00pm AEST, Sunday 1 July 2018.

Posting to instagram from your desktop computer

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Upload photos to Instagram from a desktop

Have you ever wanted to upload your photo's to Instagram from your computer? Like most Instagrammer's I like taking pictures on an SLR camera and also have an underwater camera that I would love to upload from. It is a real pain having to upload first to a mobile device and then to instagram as my IPAD recently died and my phone memory is always full.

Dermal Herb Website Launch

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Dermal Herb, healthy body, skin and hair care

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new online store in Cairns using OpenCart. Kris Theilemans is the brainchild of a fabulous range of healthy skin care products and needed an online store that had a complete order management system from showcasing to delivery. Kris is also disabled and operates her business from a wheelchair, making all the products from natural ingredients. She needed an Online Store that was easy to use and handled everything from showcasing her products to delivery.

Website Development Tips for Startups

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Web Development Startup Tips

With an ever increasing number of startup businesses taking to the web, it is far more challenging now to stand out with design that will engage your target audience. As competition grows, web design needs to be more competitively focused and optimised for easier and faster user engagement. In fact, building sophisticated, user optimised and creatively brilliant web design is no longer optional but an necessity for any startup business.


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