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Welcome to my blog or online web journal, my interests are web design and development, diving, underwater photography, marine conservation, travel and probably a lot more. Anyone can blog here and I am particularly interested in helping small business and freelancers. By contributing a blog here you can have a link back to your own site, just write an interesting blog, not just advertising and blog within my terms and conditions. If you would like to blog here please use the registration form, all new users have to be approved by admin, registered users can create and edit their own blog and can freely make comments on this website. All registration and comment forms on this site are protected by Mollom from spam and robots.


Welcome to the new generation of top level domain spaces!

smiling business woman selecting new domain space

We are pleased to announce the launch of 139 new top level domain extensions (gTLD's) and plan many more in the coming months. This means the new available gTLD's are available to purchase from Bluegroper Web Development and can be used with our web hosting packages or your hosting accounts from other providers.

Consolidate your domains and hosting with us

picture of domain cubes in the cloud - web hosting

Do you have domains scattered around with different registrars? Are you sick of managing multiple accounts, but can't find the time to consolidate?

Are you vulnerable to POODLE? What you need to know.

Poodle vulnerability in SSL 3.0

The POODLE exploit (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) is a vulnerability recently identified within the secure encryption protocol SSLv3 a browser connection commonly used for HTTPS communications.

Are you ready for some new top level domains?

Sydney from Neilsen Park

The .com and have always ruled the Australian market but that is about to change, but that is all about to change. Because the market is about to be flooded with new domain extensions, with everything from .expert to .technology, there’s something to suit every brand and personality out there.

BHP, South32 and what to do when cyber-squatters nab your domain


BHP Billiton has been stumped by cyber squatters who bought the web address for its new South32 business and tried to charge $10 million for it, see story in financial review. Visitors to expecting to see a polished site explaining the vision behind

Eclipse of the moon as seen in Cairns

Moon eclipse as seen in Cairns

Well I was out on the Esplanade last night in Cairns to see if I can capture images of the blood moon. It wasn't a great spot to witness the events of the lunar eclipse down near The Pier complex where there is quite a lot of light pollution from the Cairns CBD. not to mention the smoldering bushfire across the inlet has left a haze over the city these last few nights.

Major Impact Foundation

Major Impact Foundation - Donate Today

The Major Impact Foundation is an Australian public benevolent institution, which works directly with disadvantaged Aboriginal people to assist them in overcoming entrenched poverty. They provide support systems to strengthen individual wellbeing and capacity for self-help.

$1 Domain Registration during May

$1 domain name registration during May

Bluegroper  Web Development has teamed up with AusRegistry to offer domain name registration for $1 during May 2014. Whether you are registering a matching to protect your brand or setting up a new business, now is the time to register your domain.

Bluegroper Web Templates - 10% off

A web template is a ready made template design and at Bluegroper Web Development we are partnered with the largest web template provider on the web.

The new media

Australia Day at Parramatta Park
The new media age has become a core phenomenon in modern societies worldwide, shaping the lives of people in conducting work, business and pleasure. The new media can be defined as a form of new culture that rely on computers and networking  for presentation and dissemination of information and media related content.


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