This is a summary of articles on a wide range interesting topics at Bluegroper Web Development, articles can be about anything and everything, my diving adventures may get a mention, and the Great Barrier Reef a part of North Queensland I am very passionate about. Each month I will add articles that are relevant to small business running a website, web design, web hosting and reviews on products and services.

Advertising on Social Media – Facebook Canvas Pages

Advertising on the world wide web has rapidly been gaining growth in recent years, one of the best ways to engage potential customers is through facebook canvas pages.

Video of my diving adventures

Underwater Video's Bluegroper Web Development

Underwater videos of my diving adventures around the Pacific and beyond. I particularly like diving in the Coral Sea on the walls of Holmes, Osprey and Bougainville Reefs.

Featured WebTemplate - December 2012

Web template 42419

Each month I will review a web template that has been well designed, is highly accessable with different media layouts, is attractive and stands out as good value and easy maintenance. This month I have selected a Joomla! template in the Fashion category Template 42419.

Web Interface Requirements and Usability

Beauty - web template

It is important to have your website meet the needs of people visting your website, unless you have a friendly user interface, it will not meet the needs of your organisation. An efficient website should be user centric and needs to continuously improvise based on the evolving user requirements.

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